• Sea and nature

  • 15 June 2024

A warm sea

The Indian Ocean remains warm throughout the entire year.

The temperature reflects the changing seasons but never falls below 25-26°C and can reach as high as 31-32°C. The immense beaches of the Andilana Beach Resort allow you, at low tide, from December to March, to enjoy water temperatures at the shore of up to 34°C. For those who like to dive, the sea off the coast of Nosy Be offers stable temperatures of 25-27°C all year round, down to a depth of 25 metres.

Our beaches

A dream holiday at the most beautiful and exclusive bay of Nosy Be. Don't waste your time going anywhere else – the Andilana Beach Resort offers you the best of the best.

The resort has two immense, sandy beaches with a total length of over 800 metres, adding up to more than 20,000m2 of exclusive beach area. There's nothing to rival it on Nosy Be.

Two beaches, two different ways to enjoy your holiday.

Andilana gives you the freedom to choose exactly how you want to make the most of every single day of your trip.

West Beach – A large, tropical, freshwater swimming pool, canoes, beach volleyball, beach tennis, boules courts, the diving centre and the games organised by the entertainment team: all of this and more is available to ensure that your days are as fun-filled as possible.

East Beach - Get stuck into your book or just lie back and soak up the sun, listening to the waves. Experience your holiday in genuine intimacy in a haven of perfect peace on this adult-only beach.

The ideal place for your family holiday: the safety of two enormous beaches that are supervised and protected by our staff.

The Tropical Park

The Andilana Beach Resort is home to fantastic seas and endless beaches, but there's more – the incredible biodiversity of Madagascar is on show in all its glory in our Tropical Parkland.

The Andilana Beach Resort is nestled within 150,000m² of stunning, private parkland. More than 500 coconut trees, 150 traveller's palms (the national symbol of Madagascar), Baobab, Pachypodium, Flamboyant, Mango trees, a multitude of vanilla orchids, lemon and cotton trees all combine to create a breathtaking explosion of colours and fragrances. You are sure to come across Carolina, the great turtle who is the undoubted queen of the Andilana Beach Resort and who has spent more than 150 years growing old gracefully in our beautiful gardens.

The enchanting lemurs are always ready to show off their physical prowess by leaping acrobatically from branch to branch. Nosy Be is also known as "the Island of Fragrances": let yourself be carried away by the sweet, intense perfume of the frangipani flowers. The hibiscuses will win you over with their bright-red colouring, which contrasts beautifully with the luxuriant green of the parkland.

The bougainvillaeas add a splash of colour to our swimming pool and to the edging of the paths, offering up eye-catching shades of lilac, red, white and orange.

The Love Tree

A magical atmosphere will envelop you under the Tree of Love; its red lanterns providing the perfect illumination as the sun sets.

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